Sports & Media 

Our Sports & Media Group recognises the special needs that arise for those who have accumulated, or have the potential to accumulate, significant wealth over a relatively short period. Pro-active tax planning as well as tailored financial solutions to suit individual, and sometimes corporate, requirements is needed. We all like wealth enhancement, but wealth preservation to secure desired lifestyle for the future can also be equally attractive.

Just like a coach or trainer, we use our expertise to ensure peak performance is achieved. We pride ourselves in delivering innovative, even unique, solutions to ensure financial performance matches physical performance.

We have developed a professional group which commercially embraces some of our strongest accounting and taxation disciplines and our strength is being able to offer our clients an all-round professional service. We believe that what singles us out is our knowledge of and interest in the sports industry and media sector, combined with the practical and commercial application of our strong advisory skills to the issues we are asked to advise on.